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2015 Calendar

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Sir Qintahr at December Coronation 2014
January 2015
4 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Eagleshire
10-11 Sat-Sun Kingdom Althing  Kingdom
11 Sun Bright Forge Invasion of Eagleshire  Eagleshire
?? Sun Kingdom Officer Visit (Pending)  Soul's Crossing

February 2015
14 Sat Bright Forge Anniversary  Bright Forge
15 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Dryad's Den (Texarkana, TX)
20-22 Fri-Sun Dreadmoor Midreign  TBA
28-2 Fri-Sun Wetlands Midreign  TBA
March 2015
13-15 Fri-Sun Spring War XXII  Camp Lone Star (La Grange, TX)
14-15 Sat-Sun Kingdom PM  Elections / Althing  Kingdom
Sat-Sun Gulf Wars (SCA)
 Lumberton, MS
April 2015
10-12 Fri-Sun Midreign LIV  Boggy Depot (Atoka, OK)
25-26  Fri-Sun OK Kingdom Officer Visit  TBA
May 2015
15-17 Fri-Sun Dreadmoor Endreign  TBA
16 Sat Kingdom Quals  Bright Forge
17 Sun Kingdom Quals  Eagleshire
30-31 Sat-Sun Kingdom Crown  Elections / Althing  Kingdom
June 2015
5-7 Fri-Sun Project A-Kon  Hilton Anatole
6 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit  Mourningwood Glen
12-14 Wed-Sun Rakis  Byers, CO
19-21 Fri-Sun Coronation LV  Bar H Ranch (St. Jo, TX)

July 2015
4 Sat July 4th cook out  Bright Forge
11 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit  Red Storm
22-26 Wed-Sun Gathering of the Clans  Mayhill, NM
Aug 2015
2 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Grim Hollow
15 Sat Bright Forge War Skill / A&S Tournaments  Bright Forge
16 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Eagleshire
30 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Howling Plains
September 2015
5 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit  Storm Grove
6 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Soul's Crossing
5-6 Sat-Sun PM Elections / Kingdom Althing  Kingdom
11-13 Fri-Sun Midreign LV  Boggy Depot (Atoka, OK)
17-20 Thur-Sun Keep on the Borderlands VI: Ravenloft  Wolf Creek State Park (Windsor, IL)
19 Sat Iron Chef Region 4  Red Storm
20 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Razor Hills
26 Sat Iron Chef Region 1  Bright Forge
27 Sun Iron Chef Region 2  King's Point
October 2015
3 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit and Iron Chef Region 3  Dryad's Den
4 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Midnight Sun
10 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit War Skill / A&S Tournaments  Red Storm
Thur-Sun World Banner Wars XVI   Tanglewood Forest
31 Sat Red Storm Halloween Festival  Red Storm
November 2015
7 Sat Kingdom Quals  Red Storm
8 Sun Kingdom Quals  Eagleshire
14 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit  Mourningwood Glen
15 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  King's Point
20-21 Sat-Sun Crown Elections / Althing  Kingdom
December 2015
4-6 Fri-Sun Coronation LVI  Boggy Depot (Atoka, OK)


Events are planned by office holders that (typically) hold 6 month terms.  That's why calendars tend to not show many events beyond June and December.