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2014 Calendar

Last updated: 4 April 2006
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Sir Elder at June Coronation 2014
January 2014
??-?? Sat-Sun Kingdom Althing  Kingdom

February 2014
2 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit / Judging workshop  Soul's Crossing
7-9 Fri-Sun Dreadmoor Midreign  Thistle Vale (Salina, OK)
15 Sat Bright Forge Anniversary  Bright Forge
March 2014
8 Sat Weaponmaster / Dragonmaster   Red Storm
9 Sun Weaponmaster / Dragonmaster   Mourningwood Glen
15-16 Sat-Sun Kingdom Elections  Kingdom
22-23 Sat-Sun Kingdom Althing  Kingdom
28-30 Fri-Sun Midreign LII  Tanglewood Forest
April 2014
12 Sat Combat Training Camp  Dryad's Den (Texarkana, TX)
25-27  Fri-Sun Park Battles  Boggy Depot (Atoka, OK)
May 2014
16-18 Fri-Sun Dreadmoor Endreign  Thistle Vale (Salina, OK)
31 Sat Kingdom Quals / Kingdom Althing  Bright Forge
June 2014
1 Sun Kingdom Quals / Kingdom Althing  Midnight Sun
6-8 Fri-Sun Project A-Kon  Hilton Anatole
11-15 Wed-Sun Rakis  Byers, CO
14-15 Sat-Sun Crown Elections  Kingdom
27-29 Fri-Sun Coronation LIII  Boggy Depot (Atoka, OK)
July 2014
5 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit  Mourningwood Glen
6 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  King's Point
12-13 Sat-Sun Kingdom Althing  Kingdom
12 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit  Bright Forge
13 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Eagleshire
19 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit  Red Storm
23-27 Wed-Sun Gathering of the Clans  Mayhill, NM
Aug 2014
16 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit  Dryad's Den (Texarkana, TX)
22-24 Fri-Sun Dreadmoor Midreign  Tauren's Place (Van Buren, AR)
23-24 Sat-Sun PM Elections / Kingdom Althing  Kingdom
24 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Midnight Sun
31 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Soul's Crossing
September 2014
6 Sat Dragonmaster / Midreign LIII Court  Old Settler's Park (McKinney, TX)
13 Sat Weaponmaster   Mourningwood Glen
14 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  King's Point
18-21 Thur-Sun Keep on the Borderlands V: Dragons of Autumn Twilight  Wolf Creek State Park (Windsor, IL)
October 2014
12 Sun Kingdom Officer Visit  Midnight Sun
16-19 Thur-Sun World Banner Wars XV   Boggy Depot (Atoka, OK)
November 2014
1 Sat Big Kingdom Quest Day 1  Bright Forge
2 Sun Big Kingdom Quest Day 2  King's Point
8 Sat Kingdom Officer Visit  Mourningwood Glen
15 Sat Kingdom Quals  Bright Forge
16 Sun Kingdom Quals  King's Point
14-16Fri-SunDreadmoor Endreign TBA
29-30Sat-SunCrown Elections / Althing Kingdom
December 2014
12-14 Fri-Sun Coronation LIV  Boggy Depot (Atoka, OK)


Events are planned by office holders that (typically) hold 6 month terms.  That's why calendars tend to not show many events beyond June and December.