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Kingdom Relics

Page last updated: 10 May 2002
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Relics may only be used in a game with the reeve's permission and their use must be considered when determining game balance. Relics have only the powers listed and no others. (For instance, unless specified they are NOT indestructible.)

To reduce confusion, all relics used in a game must be announced (along with a brief summary of their abilities) prior to the beginning of that game (exception: relic quests). Unless using the specific kingdom supplied representation of a relic, a relic must be clearly marked with yellow.

Entries in Parentheses under "Item" denote when that Relic changes ownership (as specified in the Corpora).

Non-rulebook Kingdom Level Relics
Item Description Questions Frequently Answered
Bow of Malice
A hardened 4 (four) point bow. The base damage for arrows shot from this bow is 4 points; regardless of whether the bow used is a short or long bow.
Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Melee weapons wielded by the wearer's Gauntleted hand(s) are considered Red. Melee weapons that are already Red do an extra point of damage to armor for a total of three.
Mithril Chain
The wearer of this tabard has 3 (three) points of armor where the tabard covers.  May only be worn by classes normally allowed to wear armor and may not exceed that classes armor maximum. Like normal armor, is fully restored at the beginning of each life after having died.  This armor is NOT affected by a 6th level warrior's +1 to all armor worn class ability.
Orb of Healing
Allows a healer to cast the heal spell by saying "Sword cut, spear stab, mace smash, arrow jab, the white light of healing has healed thou" and allows the healer to resurrect each player on his team once in addition to his normal resurrects. In the hands of any other class it allows the user to cast the heal spell as per healer. All granted Heals and Resurrects are magical in nature.
Standard Rulebook Relics
Item Description (from the rulebook) Questions Frequently Answered
Dagger of Infinite Penetration
When thrown destroys all non-invulnerable armor on the hit location struck and continues through to hit the target. Counts as one hit against invulnerability and invulnerability armor. If it strikes a shield the shield is destroyed without affecting the wielder. MUST be thrown to use.  Will not destroy the Shield of Reflection.  Will destroy "warrior improved" and Hardened shields (but not shields bearing Imbue Shield).
Allows the holder to Mend broken weapons and shields (I: “I mend this item” x 10). It also allows the person’s dead teammates to come back alive at his location rather than having to return to their base. Armor and enchantments may not be mended by this relic.
Heimdall's Horn
A one handed ‘red’ weapon only usable by barbarians, and in fact, the only relic allowed to barbarians. TBC
Ring of Power
Negates the first hit from each separate opponent per battlegame. Counts against weapons and any enchantments only, it is ineffective against spells and magic balls. Does work against class abilities. Does protect against Touch of Death, Paralyzation, Firetrap, etc..  Does not protect against Spellballs.
Shield of Reflection
Is completely indestructible. Will negate any effect that strikes it, even siege weapons and magic. Any magic ball of the Subdual school striking the Shield of Reflection instead affects the caster. Magic striking the Shield does not affect the wielder. 
Sword of Flame
Is considered flame (as per Flameblade) and will kill a victim if it strikes any legal unprotected area (as per Imbue Weapon). Confers upon itself and its owner Protection from Flame. May only be used by one person, for one life, per game. May not be shared between players during a game. 
Direct additional questions regarding these relics to the Guildmaster of Reeves.