Kingdom of the Emerald Hills

Dragonmaster XI

Saturday and Sunday, September 7- 8, 2002



Saturday at Cuiviedor Amarth in Arlington , TX

Sunday at Mistrial Moors in Norman , OK


Cultural Entries Eligibility

Items must not have been entered in a previous EH Cultural Event. Joint entries and group entries will be accepted. Group entries from more than 3 people will not count towards an individual’s overall score. Regular Registration is from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm on the day of the event. Judging will begin at 1:00 pm. Please have ALL entries registered by 12:30 pm. Special situations will be reviewed.


Scoring System

Ideally, the competitors will have diverse talents and score well. The object of this scoring system is to keep people from winning the cultural tournament by flooding one category or entering a lot of poor quality entries in order to increase their score. Cultural winner will be the person with the highest combined score from entries that meet the following requirements. Only the entrant’s two best entries in any given category will count towards their overall score. And entries that achieve an average score lower than 2.5 will not count towards the entrant’s overall score. Entries that place first in a category will receive 0.5 bonus points added to their score.



See attached pages for details on each category.



  • Appetizer
  • Main Course
  • Dessert
  • Other
  • Vintners


  • Factual
  • Fictional
  • Poetry
  • Publications


  • Singing
  • Oratory
  • Instrumental
  • Dance


  • 2-D
  • 3-D
  • Photography

Directions to Cuiviedor Amarth



If you're coming from the south, get to I-20, and head towards Arlington . Once you get to Cooper Street , head north on Cooper Street until you reach Arkansas Lane . Turn left onto Arkansas Lane and head down till you get to Spanish Trail. Left on Spanish Trail, and take the second park entrance. We're just over the bridge from the parking lot.
If you're coming from the north, get on I-30, and head for Arlington . Exit Cooper Street , and head south (past UTA) till you reach Arkansas Lane . Right on Arkansas , and you can follow the above directions from there.


Directions to Mistrial Moors


Go north on I-35 untul you reach the Norman city limits. Take the Lindsey St exit East (this should put Christy's Toy Box and a Schlotsky's on your right-hand side), and follow Lindsey past the OU campus. If you get lost on Lindsey, just pull over and ask anyone for directions to campus. Pass through campus with the dorms on your right and the grain-throwing-statue-guy on your left. Now, since there is construction going on right down the street from our field, I'm going to have to give you a bit of a run around...but I swear it's not too bad! Take Lindsey east until you reach Classen, and take a left. Just a short distance down Classen you'll come to a light at the intersection of Classen and Brooks, take Brooks to the left and you'll be almost to the field. Looming down the street is all the construction and the stadium, and we're in the park to your left-hand side. You should see us out and fighting (or sitting around the picnic table talking.) Just park in the adjacent parking lot and come see us! If you get lost, just ask for directions to the Duck Pond on the OU campus.




Due to the delicate nature of cooking entries, this category will be judged first.

Entries will be judged on taste, texture, appetizing presentation and difficulty. There will be 5 judges and entrants will need to provide enough of each entry for all of them to taste. Be prepared to have a way to maintain your own dish until it can be judged (hot/cold). Bring plates, cups and utensils if they will be needed to judge your entry.



Entries will be judged, where applicable, on form, content, grammar, spelling and usefulness to the body of Amtgard knowledge. With the exception of publications, please try to limit these entries to 5 pages or less. Publications entries only require one copy. All entries require 5 copies total, except Publications.



Entries will be judged on difficulty and entertainment value.



Entries will be judged on artistic presentation and the difficulty of the medium.



Entries will be judged on durability, attractiveness, design and difficulty.



Entries are judged on construction, presentation, difficulty and application to proposed function.



Anything made for the benefit of the club intended to be donated to the club. These are scored on their construction and design as well as their contribution to Amtgard.


Any questions or comments should be sent to Stormie.