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 Post subject: Dragonmaster LXIII
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:30 am 
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When & Where
    Old Settler’s Park and Recreation Center
    1201 E. Louisiana St, McKinney, TX 75069
    Saturday Sept. 14, 2019
    From 1pm to 6pm

    • Sign in will start at 1pm and end at 2:30pm
    • Judging will begin at 2pm
    • Limit of 6 entries per person, max of 2 per subcategory
    • No items that have been given awards or have been entered in a previous Kingdom level A&S competition may be entered.
    • Vintners is not an available entry group as the site is a public park.
    • Cooking Entries – Bring all necessary serving utensils including plates and/or bowls for presentation.
    -You will have 5 judges so please ensure you have enough to serve each judge.
    -Please have a list of ingredients on hand.
    • Written Entries – Must be submitted by email no later than Sept. 8th.
    -Email to bjornbanhammer @
    -All entries, except publications, must be 5 pages or less.
    • If you are presenting your entry you will be given a 5 minute time slot to do so and an additional 5 minutes for judges to ask questions and give feedback.
    • No write up is needed if you are presenting your item. If you are leaving your item or having someone else present you should send a write up.
    • Bardic Entries – Please be considerate with the usage of your time.

Scoring System & Vector Judging
Spoiler! :
    5 judges will review the entries and give a score of 1-5 for each of the 4 vectors.
    1 – 2 = Deficient Quality
    2 – 2.5 = Below Average Quality
    2.5 -3.5 = Average Quality
    3.5 – 4 = Proficient Skill
    4 -4.9 = Advanced Skill
    5= Professional/Masterwork
    After weighting is applied to each vector and the score is totaled. The highest and lowest judges’ scores will be dropped. The remaining 3 scores will be averaged and used to determine the final score for an item.
    That score will then have 3.5 subtracted from it and the remaining total added to the participants overall Dragonmaster score. If the total results in zero then nothing is added to their score.

Vectors & Weighting
    Execution (40%) – In competitions the top concern is how well was the item executed. The bulk of the item’s score should come from this category. If there are no flaws in the execution of the item, then it should get a high score in this category. If the item has flaws in its execution, then it should receive a lower score dependent on the deficiencies in the item.
    Complexity (30%) - Many factors go into the complexity of the entry and every entry has a complexity to it. Many items will not be able to score an overall perfect score of 5 because they lack the complexity, for example a macramé belt would likely not be so complex to warrant it. A decent general rule would be, if you can think of a way the entry could have been more complex then they didn’t max the complexity vector.
    Relevance and Period (20%) – Is the item period or Amtgard relevant? If someone were to enter a computer program, it might be executed perfectly and could be very complex but it certainly wouldn’t be period and it might not be Amtgard relevant. This vector is weighted less than others due to the how subjective it can be.
    Aesthetic (10%) - Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a vector to be scored on. This vector is likely to have the highest bias among judges, due to this it is the lowest weighted value. This is the category for expressing if you think and item is “pretty” or “Ugly”.

Spoiler! :
Entries will be scored on complexity, difficulty and execution of the medium, as well as overall presentation.
• 2-D Art: Art intended to be viewed from only one side. Examples include drawings, paintings, stained glass, relief carving, computer graphics, etc.
• 3-D Art: Art intended to be viewed from at least 3 sides such as sculptures, painted miniatures, stuffed animals, blown glass, etc.
*Note - People often enter things into this category that would do better in Passive Construction. 3-D art is judged primarily on artistic presentation; Passive Construction is judged primarily on construction. A stained glass box would go into either 3-D Art of Passive Construction depending on what the entrant wanted to focus.

Entries will be scored on range, difficulty, entertainment, and overall performance.
• Singing: A vocal presentation with some expectation of rhythm and pitch.
• Oratory: A vocal presentation with no expectation of rhythm or pitch; i.e. Storytelling, jokes and theatrical pieces.
• Instrumental: A musical presentation performed on an instrument with some expectation of rhythm and pitch.
• Dance: A presentation of bodily movement with some expectation of rhythm.

Entries are scored on difficulty and execution of their intended function, as well as durability in conditions and overall presentation.
• Active: Something intended to be used on the battlefield such as ballistae, bows, fighting wands or throwing mugs. This is a generic category for things that would not fit into armor, weapon, or shield construction yet are still intended for rough battlefield use.
• Passive: Something not intended to go onto the battlefield such as boxes, steel weapons, decorative wooden weapons, stuffed animals, etc. This is a category for constructed items that would not fit into another category.
• Armor: Something that would qualify as armor by the rulebook standards in Amtgard such as padded armor, gambeson, chainmail, brigantine, greaves, thigh plates, helmets (although they would not actually count as armor), etc.
• Weapon: Something that would qualify as a weapon by the rulebook standards in Amtgard such as sword, spear, arrows, rocks, throwing daggers, madus, etc.
• Shield: Something that would qualify as a shield by rulebook standards in Amtgard.
• Banner: Something intended to be used as a banner and judged on construction and appearance

Entries will be scored on taste, complexity, and presentation. You will be responsible for keeping your dishes the necessary temperature, if something is time sensitive please let us know when you sign up and we will do our best to assist.
• Appetizer: A dish intended to be served as an appetizer.
• Main: Course: A dish intended to be served as a main course.
• Side: A dish intended to accompany a main course.
• Dessert: A dish intended to be served as a dessert.
• Other: A dish or drink that does not fit into any other category.

Entries will be scored on durability, difficulty of techniques and materials, and overall finished product.
- Subcategories:
• Fighting: A major item of garb intended to be worn in battle such as tunics, pants, tabards, shirts, etc.
• Court: A major item of garb not intended to be worn in battle such as dresses, doublets, cloaks, etc.
• Monster: A major item of garb that would qualify as garb for a monster in the Amtgard Rulebook.
• Favor: A garb accessory intended to be worn on one's belt.
• Jewelry: A garb accessory intended to be worn as jewelry such as crowns, coronets, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.
• Accessory: A minor item of garb such as hats, belts, shoes, bracers, etc. that would not fit into another category.

Entries will be scored using usual grammar and writing rules, with regards to structure, spelling, and relevance to the game. Please limit these entries to 5 pages or less. Any supporting portions or references not written by the entrant should be noted.
- Subcategories:
• Factual: Writing that presents factual information such as a process, event or research of some kind. Examples would be weaponsmithing instructions, a recounting of an Amtgard event or a history of the Mongols. When presenting researched information, it is a good idea to cite references and give credit.
• Fictional: Writing that is not intended to be factual such as persona histories and stories.
• Poetry: Poetic verse.
• Publications: Published works such as newsletters, books, collections of articles, etc. These entries are judged on the editorial content only, such as presentation, suitability of the collection, format, etc. It is not necessary that the entrant have written every article. However, articles should never be published without the author's consent and credit should be given. Any work not done by the entrant should be noted.

Spoiler! :
I first started in '03 I think but after an extensive hiatus with the Army returned to the game in '14 and promptly won DM. I went to UNT for art, and fashion, and have picked up a fair bit of leather knowledge. My current soapbox is the poor execution of colored pencils on kingdom level scrolls. I'm familiar with the vector judging and have been a semi regular kingdom judge the last few years.

Started playing in 1994. I have extensive knowledge of blacksmithing, armoring, leatherwork, musical performance and composition. Basic knowledge of creating garb. Since my first reign as monarch 5 years ago I have been a fairly regular judge for kingdom level A&S tournaments. Frequently referred to as “The Nice” Justicar and am looking forward to Judging with you all.

I started playing in GP Summer of 1992. Been judging since 1995. I have judged in Olympiad's, Dragon Masters and Quals several times over the years. Knighted Serpent in 2001. I am new to the Vector system.

I started playing in 1994. I was Kingdom Regent In 1999 and ran Olympiad that same year. I got knighted for the green belt thingy in March 2002 and I got qualified the red belt in 2005. Most people find me agreeable.

Larin Moonstar
Knight of the Serpent. Master Dragon. Started Amtgard Jan 1998. Expert in bardic performance and cooking categories. Have served as Dragonmaster or Crown Quals judge 20+ times. I’m like Gordon Ramsey with half the qualifications but twice the sarcasm.


In Service to The Dream
Grand Duke Sir Bjorn Banhammer the Storm Crowned

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