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Author:  Marceline [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:45 am ]
Post subject:  Bardic circle/meetups

Something sorely lacking at Red Storm is any sort of bardic activities. The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills is well known amtgard-wide for having very talented bards and minstrels, and the bardic meetings at kingdom events are absolutely fantastic. I want to bring this fun to our park, we have several talented writers and performers and I feel we should give them opportunities to share their work, as well as provide a safe atmosphere for people to learn new bardic skills and discuss their favorite songs/stories.

I am wondering if people would be interested in a monthly or every other month meetup. The length of time between meetings gives people lots of room to learn a new peice or write a new story, and it is much less of a burden than a weekly meet. We could do this after park battlegames are over, or we could meet a different day at someone's house or possibly reserve a conference room at the Hardesty library. I am envisioning people wanting to learn storytelling, basic acting, how to learn and perform medieval music, prose and poetry writing, etc. First we would go in a circle and each person presents a piece to perform or writing to share, then we would have a short group lesson on a chosen bardic related topic that people could volunteer ahead of time to teach, then snacks and general discussion/hangout time with an open mic setup so people can present additional performance of they so choose. I am hoping at least 5 people would want to go to every meeting.

If enough people are interested, I can facilitate reserving a room at the library unless someone volunteers their home for use. Either way people will be required to be respectful of the environment they are in and try to stay on task as much as possible. I understand people love to hang out and chat which is why there is a suggested hangout time after the circle and lesson, but during the circle Id like for people to focus on the performances being given and not be chatting about mine craft or watching YouTube videos on their phone :P

Feel free to text me at 9189347202, or message my amtgard facebook (normally Marceline Linnea Fangmeier, currently Tenel Ka Djo until February hahaha)

Let's make this an awesome, upbeat, educational time for all ages and let's bring some bardic to Red Storm!!

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