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Fionnigan stood leaning against the taffrail of the corvette he was put in charge of, The HMS Defiant. Felarof, Fionnigan’s black gryphon steed, came flying up past the bowsprit of the ship screeching into the night air. The gryphon sailed up to flying even with the crow’s nest of the ship the green glow of the cavorite element that kept the airship afloat casting a sickly glow across the beast’s underbelly.

Fionnigan was sailing the airship from Morluk’s Bay where it had been in storage to Eagleshire. While Tuk and Bloodwood would rule in the Emerald Palace in the capital he would work out of his old home and his church. Sable Pride was in the midst of taking the crown from the Dragon kings. The last few months had brought a battalion of troubles to the realm. A plague was currently sweeping the entire continent of Amtgardia, and Brocktree the current Dragon lord to sit upon the Emerald Throne had made a few mistakes in protecting the realm from this plague. On top of that some of his fellow Dragon lords had their corruption exposed for the rest of the royal court to see.

As a result of these mistakes there was plenty of unrest in the royal court. Bloodwood had sensed this and determined now was the time to call the banners of the lords, barons and dukes of the land and seize the throne. He and Tuk came to Fionnigan with their plan, and Fionnigan knew exactly what they would need to pull it off. A few marching seasons back the priest had been a part of another coup under the leadership of Docsi Hardanvil the half giant half dwarven outlaw who seized the throne for a reign. After he was deposed and imprisoned for his treachery his fleet of airships had been seized and for the last few years had been under the care of the Corsairs.

Fionnigan had suggested that they get those airships out of their drydocks and use that small fleet to take the crown striking from the air while the barons and lords of the realm attack from the ground. As he stood staring out into the clear night sky he wondered how the siege was coming. As if on cue Rome, a prospective member of Sable Pride, came walking up behind Fionnigan.

“Father Hellblazer, we’ve received a raven with news from the capital.” The young initiate said.

“What news, Rome? What is the status of our captain, and our king?” inquired Fionnigan.

“According to the missive, Brocktree has abdicated the throne, and he is to be exiled to a small island off the coast of the Wetlands. The HMS Emerald is holding fast above the Emerald Palace, and we have been instructed to take Eagleshire. Oni and Rye Rye will take King’s Point.” Replied Rome.

“Thank you, Rome, for the report. I will be in my chambers. Let me know when Eagleshire is within view.”
Fionnigan made his way wearily to the captain’s cabin. Once inside he sat down at the desk inside and pulled the quill pen from it’s stand and a blank piece of parchment from a table nearby. He dipped the quill into a nearly full inkwell, and began to scrawl a missive onto the parchment.

To Your Grace
King Bloodwood
Pirate King
First of his Name
King of the Hill, Ruler of the Emerald Men, Emperor of the Dread Moor, and Protector of the Realm…

"A mind needs books as a sword needs a wetstone, if it is to keep it's edge.”
Tyrion Lannister

I do not suffer fools gladly, and fools with white belts never.

Mortem proditoribus.

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