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 Post Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:16 pm 
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Unofficial summary of just items that passed:

V8 Rules change Moratorium extension:
Extend Rules change Moratorium until 2020.

Item 2 Ombudsman Best Practices:
Approve the submitted Ombudsman Best Practices document for publication.

Item 3: Preemptively bar any person from joining or participating in Amtgard if they currently are or have ever been on a sexual offender registry, or have been convicted of a felony sexual offense.
Refer to Medryn for proper legalese version.

Item 4: change the structure of Crown Knight eligibility COMBINED with Item 7:
Form a subcommittee to review how Masterhoods (and awards in general) interact with Knighthood. GoldCrest and Ormar shall co-chair this committee. This committee shall have a goal of presenting a proposal for action at the COM meeting in July 2019.

Item 5.1 and 5.2: Extend the IK wide automatic reciprocal banning to include a ban from the Kingdom of Physical as well as Credit Residence, and include COC items 1-5.
This section shall now read:
"Any Kingdom level ban placed by a player’s Kingdom of credit residence or physical residence for items 1 through 5 is automatically extended to all Kingdoms and their Subgroups, as well as all Freeholds. It is the responsibility of the Monarch enacting the ban to notify the Kingdoms using the Circle of Monarchs communication tools."

NOTE: It was clarified that if a player holds residence in a Freehold, ANY Kingdom that bans them counts as their Kingdom of residence.

Item 5.4: Remove the ability of kingdoms to override the IK wide automatic reciprocal banning for item 3.
"Any Kingdom Monarch, with the joint agreement of either the Prime Minister or the Guildmaster of Reeves, may exempt their Kingdom from this extension for items 1, 2, 4, or 5 by choosing ..."

Item 5.AI.1: Monarchs must submit candidate applications 30 days before a vote for one of the 4 elected AIBOD positions. This ensures adequate time for vetting and discussion.

Item 8: Lower Award Standardization alteration percentage to 90%.
Change Award Standards I.b.2 to " ... can only be made by ninety percent (90%) approval ... "

Item 9: "As a body the Circle of Monarchs condemns and censures the former monarch of the Celestial Kingdom, Mokushi. Her actions were unbecoming of a monarch of Amtgard and unacceptable under any circumstances from any person. The Circle of Monarchs recommends that the Celestial Kingdom take additional action to sanction her for her behavior up to and including a suspension."

Pahyum elected as Tech Coordinator.

2 AIBOD Seats to be filled:
Kord and Goldcrest are elected.
The AI Board is now Sponge, Brennon, Kord, Goldcrest, Bex, Caliana and Randall.
(NOTE Sponge has since stepped down)

Brennon wrote:
The V8 mindset is not about "what is the minimum I can get away with doing" but rather "how can we all use these rules fairly so the game runs smoothly and we all have a good time."

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