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Marcy’s “Atlantean style speed tournament”

An early bird tournament will be held at the Emerald Hills midreign event on Friday March 23 starting at 7pm.

This style of tournament was first popularized in the SCA kingdom of Atlantia. It is intended to run efficiently and smoothly and will be an excellent activity for combat oriented players to enjoy and warmup for WM. Camaraderie, high honor, and good attitudes are the expectation and standard for all participants.

The winners prize is a live steel longsword!!!

This tournament will be fought using single short swords. All weapons must be checked by reeves prior to the tournament.

Fighters are paired into matches by forming a line, which is split in half and faced off simultaneously. The default "match" is a single fight between both fighters. Fighters use the honor system, be in full agreement on who won, and inform any reeves involved. Each match will have about 2 minutes to fight, so no dawdling!

Winners of the first match go to "Field A" and form a new line for another pairing.

Losers of the first match go to the "Field B" and form a new line for another pairing.

Winners at "Field A" stay at "Field A"
Losers at "Field A" move to "Field B"
Winners at "Field B" stay at "Field B"
Losers at "Field B" are double eliminated from the tournament

The tournament will follow this overall sequence:

All fighters/both fields
Field B

This method of pairing continues until there are two fighters left, one from "Field A" and one from "Field B." The two remaining fighters will then fight for first and second place.

If there are an odd number of fighters, the odd one out after the lineup will get a bye for that round. A fighter may only receive one bye.

During the semifinal fights, odd numbers will be fought round-robin. Examples:

If A and B have 3 apiece: round robin A, then send 0-2 to B
If A has 2 and B has 3: fight A, then send loser to B
If A has 3 and B has 2: fight B, then round robin A and send 0-2 to B

Reeves will not be required during the bulk of the tournament. The last match for "Field A" and the last match for "Field B" will have at least one reeve, and the final match for the tournament will have at least two reeves.

A designated tournament secretary will be responsible for recording "Field A" fighters streaks for possible award recommendation.

Rules, policies, and other fun facts:

1. Both fighters and reeves are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages or be drunk during the tournament. Any fighters or reeves violating this policy will be removed from the tournament, reported to kingdom officers and event security, and may be removed from the event site at their discretion.

2. All fighters must be dressed in appropriate medieval/fantasy attire in order to participate in the tournament. The minimum garb standard is a tunic/dress or tabard, or pants/skirt and shirt. Any fighter not wearing minimum garb will not be allowed to enter.
• Safety and medical equipment such as supportive shoes, protective glasses, mouth guards, knee braces etc. are allowed and highly encouraged regardless of their modern appearance.

3. Any fighters who intentionally try to cheat will immediately lose the match. Do the right thing and be honorable.

4. Fighters who are accidentally/unintentionally not taking shots due to lack of experience, nerve injuries, etc will be given one warning from the reeves. A second instance may result in losing the match at the discretion of the reeves and other fighter involved.

5. While light hearted banter is expected, trash talking and vulgar insults are not allowed. Players who break this rule will be given one warning. Multiple violations may result in removal from the tournament, so have a good attitude and be civil!

6. Any spectators are highly encouraged to help build a positive environment and cheer on all fighters and praise any awesome spin moves and high crosses. This is a great time to use your kingdom coin(not real money lol) as wagers on your favorite fighters!

7. Come with a determination to have fun no matter what the results are. Your good attitude is valuable and fosters a culture of excellence and relentless positivity.

Google doc of tourney rules: ... p=drivesdk

Event info:

Marceline Aidan Fangmeier

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