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 Post Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2021 1:54 pm 

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Please post any submission for the March Althing here.

Item 1:
Suspend Corpora item VII.C.6.e Till 2022 or beyond…
As we have moved through the last year it has become increasingly difficult to provide opportunities for individuals to become qualified for kingdom office through our current Hydra without events. Several individuals that are interested in serving in kingdom office either already are or have stepped up as a pro-tem officers to fill those positions.
As of June 2021 all Current Hydras earned in previous reigns will expire. To allow everyone the opportunity to earn their Hydra and insure we have individuals prepped to take on these leadership roles in the coming year as we head toward reopening our kingdom, I would like to suspend the following requirement to earn a Hydra. till 2022 or 6 months following the reopening or our kingdom.
VII.C.6.e - Current Kingdom High Officers cannot earn a Hydra while in office.

Item 2:
Approve online activity till 2023
As our current game landscape is still evolving and will continue to as we move post pandemic near the end of this year into next year, I propose that we maintain online and virtual activities as means to continue to earn attendance credits till 2023. This will allow those members of our kingdom that want to be cautious or who have comorbidities that may still restrict their ability to interact with larger groups in person to still participate and remain active in our kingdom. The requirements for online activities will remain the same and are noted below.
1. The park monarchy will contact the kingdom monarch with a request for an activity, the day and time the activity will occur, and which member will be running the activity. (The request can be for multiple days. Example: “Every Sunday I would like to have a discussion of class mechanics and gameplay lasting an hour”)
2. The kingdom monarchy team will approve or deny the activity.
3. After the event occurs the member who ran the activity will complete and upload a copy of the EH Online Participation to the Attendance Channel on the Emerald Hills Discord. The form should include the following information: The name and date of the activity, the name of the player who ran the activity, a list of players who attended the activity, the duration of the activity, and a brief explanation of the activity (1-4 sentences).
4. The kingdom monarchy team will review the document and approve/disapprove the credits.
5. If the credits are approved, they will be released to the park PM to be enter.

Item 3:

I, Tibbers of the Mud, submit the following item to be added to the December Althing.

As a brief summary, this is to put in place an election process for Guildmasters. As the Copora is currently written, a Guildmasters term is indefinite, and there is no election process. Which means the only way for a Guildmaster to be removed from office, to be by their guild impeaching them, or by the Monarch in agreement with the KPM or KGMR removing them.

This proposal is to change "Section IX.E" to read the following (italics mark the changes and an explanation of each change is listed below the proposal):

" E. Class Guildmaster

1. Class Guilds include all fighting guilds (warriors, healers, barbarians, etc.)

2. The term of a Guildmaster is approximately one year long, beginning at the Spring Midreign and ending at the following Spring Midreign; unless no one declares to be Guildmaster of their Class, in which case the Guildmaster may hold their position until the next election

3. Guildmasters must be Contributing Members

4. Guildmasters must be 6th level, unless there are no other qualified candidates

5. One must have received a credit in a guild in the past six months in order to vote for or run for that class guildmaster

6. Guild members must pass a verbal and/or written test given by their guildmaster in
order to advance in level

7. If the proper guildmaster is unavailable, or if the sitting guildmaster needs to test, then
the GMR, or three other guildmasters may give the appropriate test

8. Guildmasters have the following responsibilities:
a Ensure that guild members follow the proper rules of the class
b Monitor their class and present ideas for improvements and possible solutions for
problem areas to the Monarch and the Interkingdom Rules Representative
c Help new people to learn and play by the rules
d Encourage garb, equipment, and personas applicable to their class

9. Guildmasters may be removed from office by a ⅔ majority vote, from contributing members of that guild, or by joint agreement of the Monarch, and either the PM or GMR

10.) If a Guildmaster position becomes vacated, or the previous Guildmaster does not wish to continue in office, a Pro-Tem replacement may be appointed until the next Spring Midreign Election, by joint agreement of the sitting Monarch, and either the PM or GMR "

To explain each change.

E 2: Currently there is no revolving election for Guildmasters. With no revolving election, there is no clear expectation for a Guildmaster to perform their duties. While yes 3 contributing Guild members can call for a vote to remove a Guildmaster from office, it is convoluted and effectively just an impeachment process. Instead this allows for a passing of the office and the ability for someone to declare, without first having to impeach their Guildmaster.

E 4: Per the RoP a Guildmaster has two jobs. First, to administer level tests for players advancing in said class. Secondly, to, in conjunction with the games reeve, determine whether a player's garb meets Look the Part requirements.
With those being the defined job of a Guildmaster, I believe it best for the Guildmaster to already have gone through those requirements and have the experience to do so, by them already having theoretically passing level tests for all Six levels, and experience playing the class.

E 9: This is just a rephrasing to get rid of any room for interpretation.
If taken literally, the current wording states that in order for a Guild to impeach their Guildmaster, ⅔ of the contributing members must all vote to have said Guildmaster removed from office. Ie. If there are 30 contributing members of the guild, and only 19 voted, the result would always be no even if they all said yes, as 20 would have to vote yes for it to be a ⅔ majority of ALL contributing members.

E 10: This change is to update the phrasing to reflect the other changes in this Althing, as an option for a Guildmaster to continue to hold office is written in E 2, rather than how it currently operates.

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