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May-Dec 2001 Calendar (Reign 27)

Page last updated:  13 May 2002
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Silvershade with Polearm.  For more pics click here.

May 2001

5 Finder's Keep Royal visit
6 Eagleshire Royal visit
12 Ironcloud Royal visit
13 Eagleshire ALLTHING, Best of Class Scout and Warrior, New Dawn Battle 4
19 Ironcloud Crown Qualifications
20 Mourningwood Glen Crown Qualifications
26 Tanglewood Forest Memorial Day Quest
27 Tanglewood Forest Memorial Day Quest

June 2001

2Midnight Sun Election weekend!
3Eagleshire Election weekend!
9Cuiviedor Amarth Royal visit
10Eagleshire Royal visit
16 Tanglewood Forest Coronation
17 Tanglewood Forest Coronation
23Midnight Sun Royal visit
30 Tanglewood Forest Work weekend

July 2001

1 Tanglewood Forest Work weekend
8 Mourningwood Glen Roving Booty Battlegame
14Cuiviedor Amarth Royal visit
19-22Kingdom of the Burning LandsGathering of the Clans
28-29 Tanglewood Forest Work weekend

August 2001

5Eagleshire Royal visit
11Emerald Woods Royal visit
17-19Celestial Kingdom CK Mid-Reign
25-26 Tanglewood Forest Work weekend
31 Tanglewood Forest Labor Day Weekend Campout

September 2001

1-2 Tanglewood Forest Roving Booty Battlegame
8Midnight Sun (A-frame location)Weaponmaster and Dragonmaster, and Althing
9EagleshireWeaponmaster and Dragonmaster
14-16 Tanglewood Forest Kingdom Mid-Reign
21-23Valley of the Rising Winds Ducal Coronation
23 Mourningwood Glen Royal visit
29-30 Tanglewood Forest Work weekend

October 2001

12-14Tanglewood ForestWorld Banner Wars II
27-28 Tanglewood Forest Work weekend

November 2001

3Finder's KeepRoving Booty Battlegame
10Midnight Sun Royal visit
17IroncloudCrown Qualifications
18 Mourningwood GlenCrown Qualifications

December 2001

1-2 Tanglewood Forest Work weekend
1-2Your Local ParkElections!
9Eagleshire Royal visit
14-16 Tanglewood Forest Kingdom Coronation
19 Cinemark 17 Opening of LOtR Demo
21-23 Cinemark 17 Opening of LOtR Demo