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 Post Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:52 pm 
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I would like to request that the following two questions be added to the March 17th Allthing agenda.

first question: Should the official communications platform for the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills be changed from the "Black and Gold" forum to the Facebook group "Amtgard-Kingdom of the Emerald Hills"?


Facebook is quickly becoming the go to platoform for the game overall as it is available over a wide variety of devices, including smartphones and Tablets, which have become more commonly used to access information that computers, for which the Black and Gold is optomized. This would make is more convenient for the average active player to get information about elections, allthings and other important information pertaining to the operation of the Kingdom.

second question: "Administrators for the Facebook group "Amtgard-Kingdom of the Emerald Hills" should be as follows.

Current Monarch of the Kingdom
Current Prime Minister of the Kingdom
Current Guildmaster of Reeves of the Kingdom

2 "at large" administrators that are to be elected at the same time as Kingdom Monarch and shall retain administrator rights until:
a. The person elected to the position chooses to step down from said position.
b. A petition made up of at least 10% of the active population of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills is put forth to have an at large administrator removed.
c. The at large moderator may be removed by joint decision of the Monarch and Prime Minister or Guildmaster of Reeves.

reasoning: In the event that the first question passes, the Facebook group will become the official public face of the Kingdom. Since the Kingdom is made up of it's active members, those members should have some say it who is administering the group. Since the first three administrators will be elected officials of the Kingdom and two of them also sit upon the board of directors, it makes sense that they should be allowed admin powers on the group. The two "at large" administrators will be able to allow for continuity of administration over multiple reigns and will be able to advise the officers on things like "facebook bans" and other actions that have been taken during previous reigns.

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 Post Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:20 pm 

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Facebook is not a good place for official communication. Moderators have less options to deal with issues, archiving past info is much easier on a forum and you can't track or create different forums for discussion. So the more people talk, the harder it is to find various conversations.

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