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 Post subject: Birth of a Knight
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:26 pm 
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The air stung his nostrils as blue sparks crackled across his naked flesh. It had been a while since he teleported anywhere. He preferred the labor of walking or the jostling reminder of a horse saddle creaking underneath. It reminded him that he was alive. For that, he was grateful.

He found the tightly bound package hidden under a pile of river stone at the foot of a mesquite tree. He eagerly placed the cool summer garb on and smiled. He flicked the silver and black headwrap, ridding it off small specks of dust and leaves. With a flick of the wrist, the new head cover fit snugly around his forehead. This pleased Sutra much.

His made his way through the familiar trails of Tanglewood forest and was warmly greeted by familiar faces. The weary traveler was glad to be home. Faces of both fresh recruits and battle hardened veterans smiled and laughed with Sutra as he shared tales of the land of Angels.

Soon, hot afternoon gave way to much more tolerable evening as feast was served. The changing of the crowns would be seen soon. Sutra found himself sitting with Sir Rayel and Sir Martello. It had been ages since he had seen this many tribesmen of the Crawling Chaos. Good folk he always knew them to be.

The squire sat as he watched the Pride share a table next to him. The black and silver cats all watched and keenly observed their surroundings. Their ancient roots rivaled even the kingdoms own history.

Before the experienced man could examine the other tables, a form solidified before him.

Sir Delphos Darkheart. There had been tomes of lore written about this ancient. He had seen the height of power of the First Dawn and brought with him the dream to the lands before they were known as the Emerald Hills. The seed of life he planted here was known by but a few, a truth obscured by the passage of time.

Sir Delphos. Sutra's knight.

His eyes glowed with the shadows of ancient flames. Images of what had been raced through Sutra's mind.

“You can no longer serve as my squire…”
“I understand, Sir.”

The blade broke a rib and pierced the squires heart. The knight's motion was laced with fact. His squires time had come to an end.

The master scribe exhaled, as if slammed in the solar plexus by an orcish morning star. The dusty earth rushed up and embraced Sutra as he slumped over, bathed in warm, pulsing heart blood.

The fire of a thousand dying stars filled the young mans being. Time unraveled before his very eyes.

A young man rushed through a crowd of nobles as he served them steaming water in the dead of winter.


The same familiar face laughed as took the role of champion for the holdings of Midnight Sun

Sutra's confusing tore at his mind

A crown with a flaming sun and white stone was placed upside down upon his brow, sign that he had given to the dark path.

Every fiber in his body screamed for relief.

Members clothed in black and green tabards brandishing a black lions head watched him as he took his oath of fidelity.

The images began to slow down.

The resplendent halls of the first Elven court grew dim as the finvarra cowered away against the demonic hordes. An angry Sutra fought against the waves of darkness with only a handful of loyal Sidhe and allies.

He was unable to bear to watch the onslaught.

A young man sat at the edge of the forest as familiar faces sparred within the safe confines of Midnight Sun. Sutra remembered this day quite vividly. It was the day he made the decision that would change his life forever.

Sutra felt the ethereal ground give was as he approached the sitting man. He envisioned a brown hemp cloak, worn and trusty. Like wispy clouds, the cloth formed around his shoulders and settled across his back. Quickly, Sutra pulled the hood over his head and came to a stop a few meters away from the conflicted assassin.

"Nice quiet day to practice with a bow..." Sutra spoke
"Yeah, not much wind today. Haven't shot one before though." the young man replied.

"Trust me. It can come in handy some day. That and wizard magic. At least that's what I've heard."
"Never shot a bow and the majicks are a bit too complicated to wrap my mind around. They say you have to be born with the talent."
"And you don't think you have that?"
"Didn't say that. It's just not on the list of priorities right now."
"Ah. I see."

Sutra slowly sat down and watched as a handful of teenagers practiced sword and board. He had forgotten how young they looked then. If only they knew what life had in store for them.

"So have you decided yet?"
"Excuse me?"
"You seem to be having difficulty making a decision. Is it a girl?"

The young man chuckled.

"No. Just something I haven't reached a decision on just yet. Not a girl. That one I made a while back."
"Good for you young man. Good for you."

The two figures sat for a moment under the shade of the forest canopy at the edge of the training grounds.

"If I may...say yes."
"If it's taken you this long to decided on it, then it must be important. And if it's important, then why not take the leap of faith?"
"It's not that simple...I never got your name..."

Sutra smiled and responded. "Santos. The name is Santos. And who might you be?"
The young assassin smiled proudly. "Sutra...Sutra Bahuas."

"A pleasure Sutra."
"You too Santos."

"Not too simple you say?"
"No sir, it's not."
"Well, if you take anything from our talk today, may it be this..."

The young man listened intently.

"No matter what comes, rush into it with passionate fervor once you've considered the consequences. Just your best judgement in all things. Always treat your friends and enemies with respect and dignity. And never turn down the company of good friends, a warm cup of cocoa, or a pretty girls smile."

Sutra smiled at the advice he wished he had been given at his new friends age. He slowly realized he had indeed been told the exact same thing on a hot summer day in his youth.

"And above all, say yes. Say yes to what can be the most exciting, edifying, painful, angering, educational, and formative experience you may ever know..."

The young man sat in hushed reflection.

"Well," Sutra ended as his peered up at the moving sun. "I best be on my way, it's a long road ahead and I need to get a head start."

"Thank you Santos, for the advice."

"You sir are quite welcome."

The young man produced a green apple from his pack and tossed it as the cloaked figure.

"It's not much, but I figure it'll be a welcome snack for later."

Sutra gripped the ripe apple, his heart pounding as he wished for more time. Wished to share with his younger self a better road map of the days to come. But then what would the fun in that be.

"Thank you Sutra."
"You're welcome Santos."

The hooded figure slowly turned to leave before sagely adding, "Never stop Dreaming brother."

Reality collapsed in on itself once more.

The kingdom crown rested gently upon his brow
The court of hearts fell.
The Pride welcomed him into their domain.
The Pass of Artus was born.

Sutra stood in the shade of a white baobab. It's roots were ancient, having seen the heard the dreams and fears of millions others before him. Humility washed over him.

Movement from behind the think trunk caught his attention. The figure stepped out and smiled back at him. His heart lept at spying the most pleasant face he had ever known. Her gray eyes sparkled like gems in the sun. Her spirit tugged at his own.


"Rise my love...and learn again..."

Sutra watched her transfixed.

"Rise my love and teach.."
"Rise my love and guide..."

An ominous storm front moved in from the South blocking the stars. An ancient voice thundered all around him. Alice stood strong next to the tree of life. Her loving eyes gave him strength.

"Rise and Fight Again..."
"Rise my love and inspire..."

The squire roared as the dark magic of necromancy washed over him.

"RISE AND FIGHT AGAIN" the dark voice declared
"Rise and love again my Sutra..." she whispered

As his spirit was rejoined to his body, Sutra screamed and screamed and screamed as blood and sinew and heart was restored.

The shadows attempted to fill his spirit with their murmurs. A spark had been lit deep within him. A light that defied the path he had convinced himself was the only way.

The reborn man roared to the heavens. Not from anguish or the sadness that burdened him. It was the only sound he could make when he realized he was given a second chance by fate. His conflicted nature had been destroyed in the embrace of death. His true nature could now flourish with the blessing of life.

Slowly, Sutra gathered his aching body up and kneels on a single knee.

The piercing eyes of darkness itself gazed down upon the steadfast figure.

“In the name of Sir Aramithiris…” he sneered.
“In the name of Sir M’Deth…” he solemnly spoke.
“And in the name of Sir Hellspawn..." he proudly declared.

"I knight thee…Sir Sutra!" he thundered.

"Arise, Sir Sutra. Knight of the Flame!” he rejoiced.

Sutra stood to his feet, tears laced with memories streamed down his cheeks as the exchange of belts was made.

The squire had died, only to be replaced by a Knight.


The general who advances without seeking fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do service for his sovereign, is the jewel of his kingdom. -Sun Wu

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